cider loving pizza makers

It’s simple food, that’s simply amazing. Every morning our chefs work through three tasks, which base each and every day, setting us up for greatness. We proudly source prime local ingredients from the finest growers and producers in the region to create our totally unique, West Country inspired dishes. It goes without saying that everything is responsibly sourced and prepared. No preservatives go into our food and everything is freshly hand-made from scratch, from our organic sourdough pizza bases to our super spicy Naga chilli oil. Each day our chefs chop, slice, stir, fry and roast fresh ingredients, preparing them for topping our delicious pizzas. We wouldn’t have it any other way.

Non-Gluten Ingredients (NGI) and vegan options are available for all pizzas from the main menu.

Fill Us In

Who's Jerry?

He’s sour, but dependable. He’s simple, but unique. He needs feeding, but only eats two things. He can be a bit crusty, but he’s a hard worker. He’s Jerry, our beloved sourdough starter.