Exeter’s Best Rooftop Drinking Spot

Now that summer has joined the party (FINALLY!), every little drop of sunshine should be made the most of! At the first sight of that shiny sun ray, you should run, not walk, to our rooftop and bask in the warmth, drink in hand.

Hidden at the top of the Guildhall, we’ve got penthouse views over Exeter. Lift yourself away from the busy streets and worldly responsibilities and join us, perched atop the city. We’ve got regular live music and DJs to boogie to, but if you’d just like a bite to eat and a refreshing pint, you can tuck yourself into one of our restored caravans. Wait, I know that sounded weird. Yes – we have hauled two complete caravans onto our rooftop terrace purely for your enjoyment. They make the perfect nook to hangout in if you need a little shade. Don’t believe me? Come see for yourself.

By night, hang out under festoon lights and starry skies.

So, next time that after-work drink is calling your name, or you just can’t resist the sunshine, come on up – we’ll chill the drinks, ready for your arrival.